That brings me to another topic entirely…kids love to ask questions and sometimes it’s hard to think of the right answer. You find yourself defining words and explaining things you never thought you would ever need to know. I’ve had to tell my kids about everything from how a boa constrictor can eat a deer to why we put locks on things. Thank goodness for google! Then there are those topics and questions you dread and I never thought I would have to deal with them so soon! I’m sure the fact that I was pregnant encouraged some of these questions so I guess I should have been prepared, but I’m not sure you ever really can be. Garrett and I were hanging out after dinner and then it happened. He asked me where babies come from and how did the baby get in my belly. I was in such shock that I had no idea what to say. I went with what I thought was the safe answer. “I think you are a little to young for me to tell you right now” Without any hesitation, he replied “If I can understand the foster care system, I can understand where babies come from.” O.M.G. (I hate this expression, but this moment truly called for it.) How in the world do I respond to that?!! I called out to my husband to see if he wanted to take it from there, but all I heard were crickets. I think he went and hid (smart move..wish I had thought of it). I finally gathered my thoughts and gave him the most brief explanation I could think of and then tried to delay him by telling him I would order him a book. That worked for about a day. He then came to me and said, “Hey

Mom, do you think my school library has one of those books you were talking about. (O.M.G. Are you serious?? I thought for sure he would forget all about this.) I did ultimately buy him a book off Amazon, but I wasn’t sure that was the right move. I read all kinds of websites about it telling me that it’s never too early to tell kids about sex, because if they don’t find out from their parents they will find out somehow. Everytime Garrett asked me about the book, I told him I was too busy or it wasn’t a good time because his little brother was around. Turns out those websites were right. One day when I thought everything was going great and all of my kids were behaving (warning: this is always a sign that something is about to go wrong), I got a phone call from a good friend of mine. Garrett had spent the night with her son and apparently had a brilliant idea while playing on their IPAD. He searched the word “sex” on YouTube.

O.M.G. (Last time, I promise!), I was so embarrassed and then the next thing I thought was “Sex? On YouTube? What in the world did he see???) I knew then, it was really time to talk. It was awkward and there were lots of questions, but after it was all said and done, that was it. He was satisfied with my explanation and I never heard about it again (as they say never say never: there’s plenty of years left….O.M.G.