When I was pregnant, people felt a need to warn me that the love I would feel for Lincoln would be different than what I felt for Garrett and Tyler. That was hard for me to understand because I loved Garrett and Ty more than my own life. I knew I would give up everything to make sure they were safe. I thought for sure they were wrong, but I was scared and it brought me to tears on multiple occasions. I was scared because that wasn’t fair to any of my children, and I was scared because I didn’t want them to be right. I began to pray constantly about this. Mostly, I would ask God to give me an undying Corinthians love for my children (all of them). I asked God to never let me put any of them above the rest and most of all, I asked him to let me love them all the same.
 I had talked to my friends a lot about my fears and one day my friend gave me a book. To this day, it is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. It was a kids book called “I love you all the same.”

I didn’t realize how important that book would become to me. As I read it for the first time, I began to cry. The book begins:

“A Polar, Brown, and Panda bear as cute as cubs can be were placed by God together to complete a family. They each were very different from the moment that they came, but Mama Bear and Papa Bear still love them all the same.”

The book goes on to show how different each bear is and that they have different needs, fears, and likes. It shows that no matter what their differences are their mama and papa bear love them all deeply.

I knew God had answered my prayers through this simple gift from a friend. A children’s book put my fears to rest and taught me that all children are created differently which results in a different and unique love for each one. So while we love them all the same in the sense of how much, we also love them all differently because they have different personalities and needs. I knew then I had nothing to fear. I had 3 little bears who were all very different and I truly love them all the same!